I was beginning to rev up and start designing my Energy course… then I thought to myself, ” No, don’t do it, instead concentrate only on letting go of worries and relaxing. That and only that.”

Push! Push! Push!.., its always push.

Well, I’ve pushed myself far enough for awhile.

If I were to die tonight then what?

At what point will I have taken the time to enjoy anything?

There’s joy to be found in striving but nonacceptance, tension and delusion are there as well.

By not taking time to pause, tension is created but never released.

 Without a natural discharge or relaxation phase, neurotic hell is never far from around the corner.

So folks… On the spot and without warning I’ve decided… I am now entering into what shall now be known as,”My Grand fuck it period.”

The Grand Fuck it Haiku

     Do it or don’t

  just say I don’t care

      fuck it fuck it

How long will this last? Hell if I know. Fuck it.

Well, here I am..,  Strung out on tumblir. I’ve officially left twitter and am now an outcast. I feel like I’m lost in some surreal world… I’m not sure if this is where I want to wind up. I’ll give it a go… let’s see what kind of bullshit I can stir up within this virtual realm. I already miss my two good friends. This place is going to be very lonely. sigh


Trees Communicate With One Another, Connected by Fungi 

University of British Columbia professor Suzanne Simard explains how trees in a forest ecosystem are interconnected with the largest, oldest ‘mother trees’ serving as hubs.

(Source: america-wakiewakie)


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The “Alfarian Rings of Zendor.” Sorry, this isn’t my planet. Ive just hacked some dudes account whilst “zarterblasting” on the Mother ship.Wow! I cant believe this backwater planet thinks these kind of quizzes are still cool. We gave up doing that sort of thing half a “Trell” ago… see ya later earthies. I’m outta here.

The title of this post sums up the content. I have no bloody idea what I’m doing or what I’m looking for on this site. I’ve left my infamy behind me on twitter and have begun to traverse new territory. I’ll keep my old avi and attempt to find a plot of e-dirt to do something creative with. Barring any kind of inspiration I’ll just babble endlessly like this.

This is a sunset over the lake I was staying at. At this point the Loon’s calls and responding calls were otherworldly.

This is one of the lakes that this Chanel comes out on. It’s a very shallow lake. The bird population is tremendous here. I saw bald eagles dive bombing fish all day.

Here’s another shot near the entrance. It was hard to take a shot due to the position of the sun being in my eyes at this point… Probably around 7:00am in the morning.

I guess I’ll throw a few shots up of this place. Here’s a flower shot. Mind you, it was hell getting a shot like this due to the current ,bugs, and the fact I had to keep from crashing at the same time.